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Muk Monsalve & Lucía Soto.

DeFrenéticas are Lucía Soto & Muk Monsalve. They met while doing their BA in Graphic Design, where they started working together. As young students of FADU they begun to wonder about what was the study object of their soon to be profession. Talks and discussions shaped this project´s clear goal: build large-scale words made of non-conventional materials (at least for “Graphic Designers”).
They share their profession, friendship, and a pleasure to work with materials. These early experiences as students shaped their installations for almost a decade now.


Defrenéticas is a place where this letter lovers can explore their own visual language.
From 2010 Defrenéticas defined as a collective. Today is a collaborative team that reflects on materiality, communication, and its vehicles.
Marie “Muk” Monsalve and Lucía “Luchee” Soto are graphic designers, artists, and letter lovers. Thus, calligraphy, typography, lettering and all those paths that lead to disciplinary encounters. Allowing them to explore, build, learn and share this love.
Defrenéticas ♥ Letters!


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