Discarded industrial print material

Milhojas (A Thousand Pages or Strudel)

About the Project

Milhojas is a typographic site specific sculptural installation made with printed discarded material. Magazines, books, and all kinds of graphic material were donated by a huge print shop. Every letter explores a unique technique manipulating paper. We rolled, stacked, cut, perforated, and bound the material to create the word “Cultura” (Culture). It was an installation commissioned by an independent Argentinian magazine. Depending on public´s point of view Cultura or Cultra (the magazine´s name) could be read.

Medium: Discarded print shop papers & printed graphic material.

Size: 6 x 1,5 mts x 50 cm

The scene



-Muestra del taller de materiales de descarte CMD // Noviembre 2014
-Animal Dreams // Galería de Arte // Diciembre 2014